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2010 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 100
San Ramon CA 94583

Mail to: 711 Lakemont Pl #3
San Ramon CA 94582

Call us toll free at 888-922-0789
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1. You send us your completed manuscript: poetry, fiction, children's, family history, short stories, how-to, autobiography, or any other genre of writing.

2. You choose which of Falcon Books' services you want and need:

Editing available for grammar, style or content

Word Processing to place manuscript on computer disk

Cover Design. We can use your artwork or photograph, or provide it for you, if you wish

Typesetting. We will work with you to decide the book design, including type size, font, and size of book

Proofreading. We will proofread your book after typesetting, and you will do the final proofread to make sure it is completely correct

Paperwork. We will assist with copyright registration, bar-coding, ISBN (The number used by bookstores for ordering your book)

Quality Printing. Sheet fed, Web Offset, Direct Image, Hard and soft cover, Perfect, case or mechanical binding. A member of the Publishers' Consortium.

Publishing Business. If you wish to establish your own independent publishing company, we will help you with any or all of these activities: choosing a business name, developing a logo, obtaining a resale license, and any other matters involved.

Promotional services include:

Press Releases, custom-written for your book, and targeting TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines.
Advertising Copy for display ads and flyers.
Printing of brochures, flyer and posters.
Back Cover Copy to further interest the reader.
Internet Coverage through our web site and other avenues.
Exciting Ideas to help spread the word about your new book.

Web site design services include:

Your own customized or template Web site design.
Website domain registration.
Website maintenance.
Consultation about internet marketing strategies.
Placement of your URL with popular search engines.

In helping to carry out your promotional plan, we can also:

Design your logo, letterhead, business cards, and invitations for book signings and receptions.
Create flyers, cards, and other material for direct mail advertising.
Design attention-getting display ads for newspapers and magazines.


—Roberta Tennant, Editor

Our Editor-in-Chief, Roberta Tennant, will respond to suggestions, questions, comments, and requests for information about Writing, Publishing, and the Independent Press.

At FALCON BOOKS, we have produced books for self-publishers since 1980. Hundreds of our customers have books on the international market. We provide services which are fast, affordable, and always to your specifications, whether it be the size of the font, the color of the cover, the name of your new company, or the wording of your press release. Every book we put in print carries our name, so it must meet our high standards of workmanship.

We provide our clients with all the services
needed to produce a quality finished product,
one of which we can all be proud!

Call us at 888 / 922-0789
Fax 800 / 856-0892 Toll Free from U.S.A.

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