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The Author of Gold Rush 2000

Author Ed Mitchell

Eddie Mitchell, retired Army officer, rocket scientist, and amateur prospector writes in Monterey County, California. He has spent over fourteen years crafting Gold Rush 2000--the first of three mystery adventures of the Gold Trilogy.

He learned about life's challenges and developed his writing skills as he progressed through the following major life/career events:

  • Turn-key child sent to Juvenile Hall and later foster child on welfare living on a dairy farm.
  • West Point graduate, Army Airborne Ranger Infantryman serving overseas in Alaska and Korea; graduate from the Defense Department's Program Management school, performed program management within the "Star Wars" program.
  • Selected as a RAND Fellow to work one year at the RAND Corporation; served in the U.S. Space Command before and during Desert Shield.
  • Aerospace Engineer/Manager conducting launches of National Missile Defense interceptors.

Insights about Ed as he speaks with the Reader:

"The best fiction published in the last decade has been by first time authors. Examples are: Red October by Clancy, Absolute Power by Baldacci, Cold Mountain by Frazer, The Horse Whisperer by Evans, as well as Grisham's first works. These authors applied years of polish to their fresh stories. Like them I've spent years learning my craft and laboring to gain honest feedback about what was wrong with the novel so I could eliminate those flaws and produce a captivating story for you. Consequently, I've re-written Gold Rush 2000, numerous times to provide impressive characters skirmishing across an interwoven plot with surprising twists and outcomes.

Bobbie Christensen, president of ASPA, presenting author Ed Mitchell with the National Publishers Freedom Award for Best New Fiction in the USA and Canada from a small press.

Ed Mitchell with the Best Fiction Award next to a display of his mystery thriller, Gold Rush 2000

As in real life, aspects of my characters’ personalities emerge over time (across many chapters). Their "depth" is revealed as they cope with forbidding dilemmas while striving to achieve their goals.

I can't stand implausible events or incredulous behavior by characters. Therefore, in Gold Rush 2000, I extracted true-life experiences, as well as achievements by real people I'd observed disagreeing during arduous situations, and adapted them into the story. Example sources include: divorce, the death of parents, physical fights among family members, boardroom battles about down sizing, technical meetings between government managers and contractors, military operations, as well as the thrill of prospecting and finding my first piece of gold.

Today, people surf the TV, surf the radio as they commute, or surf the internet at work and home. They seek data and answers quickly and want satisfaction NOW!. Many readers are a product of this environment. Like gold, their time is precious. Meanwhile, big name authors are often publishing "bloated" books with redundant filler that bores the reader, causing them to rapidly turn pages until they find the next interesting or well written paragraph. To respond to the desires of today's reader, I have struggled to write short, "tight" chapters attempting to make every word, sentence, and paragraph, propel forward the characterization or the plot.

And, like you, I hate a book with a weak or disappointing ending. To avoid that pitfall, I created a "triple" climax. Three times the hero and heroine appear doomed. Hopefully, when you reach those chapters, you will worry: "Will they survive?'

My need to write this story began on the beach in Monterey, California in 1980. At first, I wrote for myself. But for years now I've written for you. And more recently, I've fought to get this book published. I hope you enjoy my story.

Winner of the
National Publishers Freedom Award
for Best New Fiction

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