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Twice Upon a Court by Erlinda Dominguez ... a legal thriller that the reader can hardly put down until the finish. It is rare for a non-fiction civil case. The story “must be told” and should not be buried in time. It is deeply inspirational when tenacity is met with insurmountable odds. Events happened to the author noted for her exceptional skills, with countless number of clients who adored her. It is a travesty, but could not have happened to a better person who molded the events into a book–legally informative, but unbelievably easy-reading. The author had transformed a negative into something positive, as a powerful documentary. It is awesome to say the least!

—From D. F. McGarrity, Honolulu, Hawaii:

Hard bound or quality perfect bound edition, 308 pages, 6 x 9,
Paperback ISBN 978-0-615-35919-9, $19.95
Hardbound ISBN 978-0-615-40813-2, $24.95

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The Rad Lab by Sharon Marsh--Set in the early seventies to mid-nineties, The Rad Lab is a novel about the rapidly changing environment of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, a generous employer involved in nuclear research and other scientific endeavors. Inspired by the author's observations and experiences over a thirty-year time span, it is by turns a quirky and soulful account of a diverse collection of characters maneuvering through the minefields of workaday life and romantic pursuits that often take them beyond the Lab's campus.

The story begins when Sandra Dillon, the flawed protagonist, is cast out of the giant Engineering Department through her own error despite and because of affirmative action policies that are gathering steam at every level and challenging long-held expectations and roles.

Vowing to redeem herself, she is rescued by the manager of security and begins working alongside armed personnel in uniform and business suit going about the serious and interesting business of keeping the institution secure in accordance with Department of Energy regulations. Then one fine spring Saturday morning she shows up for work to discover the unwelcome surprise of her new, well-liked and much-admired boss in the building.

A peek inside the Rad Lab of the sixties would reveal among its 3000 plus employees an all-male, sworn police force protecting it, women office workers in skirts and dresses, IBM Selectric typewriters, telephones with clunky buttons, mainframe computers taking up acres of space, scientists clutching slide rules, and ashtrays as a Stores item. There are no women in management and promotions are done by inside recommendation.

Every employee from the craftsman to the director must undergo the "Q" clearance process in order to continue working there. Joyful when notified by the Badge Office that the clearance has at last been granted, the newly cleared would rush over to trade the red badge for a green one, then abide by the long-held tradition of bringing in donuts the next day for all his or her coworkers.

There is no driving onto the site, and Sierra Lines buses from all over the East Bay are lined up in the West Parking Lot waiting to take the outlyers home. None of that is true today nor will it ever be again.

—Sharon Marsh

347 pages, Quality Hard bound Edition, ISBN 978-0-615-73577-1, $28.00

Sharon Marsh is a Falcon Books’ Featured Author--Visit her page.

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No Guns, No Knives, No Personal Checks by Larry Sager—Driving a cab has been rated the most dangerous job in the United States, surpassing the risk of being a police officer. At the same time, it is most entertaining. Especially in San Francisco, cab passengers are from diverse and contrasting walks of life: the rich and the poor, the sorry and the psychotic—drug dealers, gang members, French tourists, hookers, derelicts, transvestites, muggers, and even other cab drivers. People sit in the back seat and share predicaments, a snippet of their lives. Sometimes a snippet is too much.

6 x 9, 285 pages, quality perfect bound edition, illustrated, $14.95
ISBN 13: 978-0-9785751-0-6

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Temp Words by Alison Hart--I started writing this book in 1996, when I was working as a temp in San Francisco, mostly as a receptionist. I was grieving the loss of my brother, and took whatever opportunity possible to write underneath the fluorescent lights. My brother's death rocked my paradigm and forced me to face the impermanence of our lives. Thoughts, feelings, experiences, people, faith, relationships, politics, identity, things (except maybe plastic bags) change; nothing is static. temp words is a journey through impermanence from my perspective as a mixed race woman of color in America. This is my edge, this is how I navigate through life: one moment at a time.

Twenty percent of the proceeds from temp words will go to MISSSEY, a community based organization in Oakland, California, whose goal is to eradicate the commercial sexual exploitation of our children.

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102 pages, 6x9, $13.00 US, ISBN 978-1-4923994-5-2

Divorce: A Survival Guide by Dianne Rochelle Ophelia Esq.—It doesn't matter why you are getting a divorce, but it does matter how you go about it.

Uncontrolled emotions and misguided information can adversely affect your future and the future of your children.

This unique, no-nonsense approach is designed to give the reader the tools necessary to take a potentially out-of-control situation and find manageable solutions. Find out why so many have found each chapter to be filled with the steps necessary to achieve this outcome.

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166 pages, Hard bound with dust jacket, ISBN 0-9760253-0-2 $29.95


African American Heritage Pictures, Puzzles, and Word Games by Glenda Jenkins Simmons is a combination textbook, workbook, and puzzle book. This book is versatile, and the information is timeless. It is appropriate for the classroom, for after-school programs, or for the waiting room in your dentist's office. For individuals twelve years and older, this book offers a wealth of knowledge on subjects of African American heritage.

What African American was a famous Shakespearean actor of the 1800s?

Who was known as the “Black Swan?”

Who was the African American bicycle champion of the late 1800s?

What African American was the first person to reach the North Pole?

Who were Vernon Dahmer and Fannie Lou Hamer?

If you are looking for a captivating and different approach to learning black history, you will find it in African American Heritage Pictures, Puzzles, and Word Games.

Quality paperback, 8-1/2 x 11, 172 pages, illustrated with photos and puzzles. ISBN 0-9758586-0-2, $16.00

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Sex, Guns, and a Barber–A Shelton Parker Mystery by Shadrach Linscomb–For many years, Shelton Parker has been a respected
community barber in San Francisco. But his life completely changes one day when two police detectives enter his shop and force him to help solve a dangerous case. Once involving clippers and razors, his life now revolves around guns and sex. It’s a wild and dangerous ride for Shelton, but he does it with style.

Quality paperback, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 156 pages. ISBN 0-9663420-5-4, $12.00

From the Soul of a Woman, Love Shouldn't Hurt by Valorie N. Parker

Quality paperback, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 92 pages. ISBN 0-9761325-2-4, $14.95

El Camino Más Fácil by Mabel Katz
(also Available in English--The Easiest Way)

Resuelve tus problemas y toma la ruta que te llevará al amor, la felicidad, la riqueza y la vida de tus sueños.

¿Cuándo obtendrás todo lo que deseas?

¿Sabes qué es lo que está en tu camino para alcanzar tus sueños en tu vida? En una palabra, Tú! Pero espera, no es tu culpa. La vida fue diseñada para ser fácil, si tú sabes como. Ahí es dónde se aplican los principios de El Camino Más Fácil.

El Camino Más Fácil es una guía práctica de principios espirituales que permiten superar las barreras y obtener lo que uno desea en la vida. Basada en el Ho'oponopono, un antiguo arte de la cultura hawaiana, su premisa es que la vida es fácil. Nosotros somos los que la hacemos difícil, y podemos aprender a dejar de ser los obstáculos de nuestra propia felicidad.

Quality perfect bound edition, 104 pages, 5-1/4 x 7-1/4,
In Spanish: ISBN 0-9748820-0-3, $15.00
In English: ISBN 0-9748820-1-1, $15.00

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I Liked You When
I Thought I Was Dead

Swan Wreck

Spit Me Out

Darkness Plays Favorites

Gutter Kisses and a Hug on Garbage Day by Casey Renee Kiser—This collection of poetry is definitely dark but you will find no ghouls, goblins, or vampires hiding out. These poems come alive from the depths of the binding darkness that is found in all of us. Travel down the spiral to visit the barren heart of depression and the scattered mind.

The dry humor of these mostly biographical tales of sorrow, contradiction, twisted relationships, split personalities, along with unique views on love, marriage, and death will have you unsure whether to laugh or cry. Sadness can be paralyzing, madness can be hilarious and together, they will be inspiring.

Quality perfect bound edition, 122 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2,
ISBN 0-9769476-0-9, $8.99

Other titles by Casey Kiser:

.......... .

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Cover and book design by
Laura Herzberg,

My Invisible Kingdom—Letters from the Secret Lives of Teens by Scott Fried—Who stands beside us in life's unbridgeable moments? Who will help us transcend as the internal voices echo, "I was there...when you were picked last for the team...when you waited by the phone for the call that never came...when you felt alone and unloved."

Each of us inhabits an invisible kingdom. It is the secret life landscaped by loneliness and neglect. It is the home of our resident ghosts and our indwelling wounds. It is the cryptic code etched inside a heart of sorrow that no one else can see.

This is an entryway into that world, inspired by letters and emails of teens who have written to me in an attempt to share their pain and doubt on such divererse topics as eating disorders, self-mutilation, drug and alcohol abuse, sex, death, and broken parts. One-part love letter, one-part guide, this book bears witness to each of our secret lives.

As one teen describes,“I want to steal the sun from the sky so everyone else can feel this darkness.” In the words of another, “I wish I could realign the stars so I can change who I am and be something more for others to love.” And finally, “Dear Scott, please write back, ’cause I have nowhere else to turn.”

Here is my reply.

“Whenever I feel like life is too much and I just want to go into the bathroom and swallow anything I can find, I read your book. You have no idea how helpful it has been to me. It doesn't make my problems go away but by the time I am done reading, I am too inspired to hurt myself. You have saved my life many times, and you don't even know who I am.”

—An Anonymous Teen

Quality perfect bound edition, 200 pages, 6 x 8-1/4
ISBN 0-9659046-1-X

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Customer Magic by Jamie T. Buckley--What is selling?

It is convincing someone to do the things you ask of them.
We all do this, every day. The best salespeople talk with their customers, not at them.

Why are customers so important?

Companies exist because of their customers. Every person, at every company, is employed because of the customers at that company. There are no other reasons.

Much more inside...Customer Magic

Quality editions available are hardbound ($19.95) and paperback (13.95), 173 pages ISBNs 0-9748481-1-5 (case), 0-9748481-0-7 (ppbk)

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Your Eyes! Your Eyesight! Your Eye Doctor! by Frank H. Collings, Optometrist— Apart from the brain, our eyesight is the most complex system in the human body. Describing its function in “down to earth” terms has been the goal of the author.

Two of the many specialties of medical practice serving the needs of this prized possession, the eye, are ophthalmology and optometry. There are differences in these fields, but they are not planetary when it comes to the health and safety of your eyesight. Both professions are well schooled, both recognize their limitations. The author clearly defines where each discipline's skills are emphasized and some of the reasons why there is some “rattling of swords” on occasion between these two great professions.

In the past fifty years the author has examined the eyes of people of virtually every walk of life. This affords him first-hand information, along with some interesting and related experiences regarding our eyesight. • The book’s content is carefully designed to appeal to people of all ages and circumstances, whether students already studying at eye colleges, those of the working class, or senior members of our society.

It is a voice of experience presenting an easy to read and understandable reference guide into the workings of our most dominant sense, and one of God’s most precious gifts to mankind, the gift of sight.

430 pages, Hard bound with dust jacket, with illustrations and photos ISBN 0-9764046-0-5 $29.95

IRAN--A Nation Under Siege by M. Blake—Axis of Mid-Evil--Iranian Islamic fascism was a cancer which started in 1979 when the Iranian Hezbollah took over the American Embassy in Tehran and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. This greatly embarrassed the United States, because the President was unable to deal effectively with these people. At that time we could have seized the initiative, killed the Hezbollah kidnappers, and freed our hostages. That would have put an early end to this cancer. But instead the fascist mullah regime took advantage of our weakness, because we helped the mullahs replace the Shah and start the campaign of terrorism that has never stopped.

During World War II, a small man with a lot of hate in his heart killed over fifty million people. Imagine what Iranian mullahs filled with hate and armed with nukes could do to the world. Adolf Hitler never had nukes, but the Iranian government will have them within one year, if not sooner.

The government of Iran is not afraid of its neighbors. It seeks nuclear weapons to promote its goals of conquering the oil-rich countries of the Middle East, driving the United States out of the region, and eventually destroying Israel, Europe, and the United States. Their own people hate them, and this gives the U. S. an opportunity to solve the problem of Iran's nuclear weapons while supporting their right to freedom, democracy, and independence.

224 pages, Printed on premium coated stock, 6 x 9, Perfect bound, Full color photos. ISBN 0-9764155-0-X $19.95 USA

Also available for Kindle and E-Pub

Provenance Gallery of the Year 1794—US Large Cents
by Jon Alan Boka— A collection of 1794 cents reflects much of the story of one of the most
pioneering and romantic struggles in American history. In the little Mint building on Seventh Street in Philadelphia, during the middle of the last decade of the eighteenth century, history seems to almost have held her breath for a time, and we find the marks of her desperately clenched teeth engraved deeply in the soft copper pennies of those years.

—Dr. William H. Sheldon in Early American Cents

140 pages, Printed on Premium coated stock, 6 x 9, Hardbound, Lithowrap cover, Full color photos. $17.94 (US)
ISBN 0-9764838-0-7

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