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Drawn by Force and Other Stories by Jeanne Wood

Growing up and living her entire twenty-five years in Paris, Sarah is preparing to move to America where her husband, Nicco, has a partnership in an Import-Export Wine business in San Francisco, California. Nicco has already moved to San Francisco, leaving Sarah behind to finish packing and ship the rest of their belongings. Sarah soon starts seeing and experiencing strange things happening. This follows her to New Orleans and on to San Francisco until a mystery that happened over fifty years ago is solved.

110 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN 978-0-9742041-2-3, Quality paperback, $12.95

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The Missing Note by Jeanne Wood portrays the heights of creativity, courage and caring in the Human spirit. The story is set in a magical kingdom peopled with poets, writers, composers, musicians and artists, where a small village in the south of France is the scene of events both fantastic and deeply realistic. It begins with a wild and strange riddle and continues with a vision of how Humanity can establish a paradise on Earth.

—Roberta Tennant,
Falcon Books

Illustrated by Kayoko Jorgensen

69 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN 978-0-9742041-1-6, Quality paperback, $12.95

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Emily's Story by Jeanne Wood--Based on a True Story--Beulah’s hate was deep. She would have killed them if she didn’t fear the school authorities would have come looking for them. They were “ugly” and “dirty,” her slaves. After the “big kids” disappeared and the family packed up to leave, the oldest half brother looked back out of the car window thinking his older brother and sisters were buried somewhere in the woods, left for the animals to eat. They were never mentioned again.

Emily’s Story is the riveting true account of a child’s abuse and torture at the hands of her deranged stepmother and an uncaring father. After Emily’s mother dies in childbirth her father remarries. It’s just the beginning of a life of pain, fear and hunger, a struggle for survival, and of ultimate escape from a childhood gone terribly wrong. Emily’s will against the worst treatment and her self reliance against all odds is an inspiration to us all. A must read for those who care about the welfare and abuse of children everywhere.

290 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9742041-0-2 $14.95

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How Teddy Bears Came About by Jeanne Wood—This delightful and heart-warming book tells the story of Teddy, a baby bear who becomes lost in the woods while on a picnic with his parents. Lonely and frightened, Teddy is crying under a bush, when Amy, a little girl who lives in a log house near the forest, discovers him and takes him home. That night, she snuggles with the furry little bear and they both fall asleep peacefully.

Teddy enjoys honey treats, a special red sweater knitted by Amy's mother, napping by the fireside, and playing with Amy and the neighborhood children. One day, Teddy sees two large brown bears at the edge of the forest, watching him roll in the cool grass. He recognizes his parents, runs to snuggle with them, and returns to his home in the woods. Amy is so sad and lonely without him, that her mother decides to make the little girl her own little brown bear, out of some furry material. When Amy's friends see it, they all want one, and soon the town is full of Teddy bears in all the colors of the rainbow.

Beautifully illustrated in full color, How Teddy Bears Came About is recommended for all children and adults who have had, or would like to have, their own Teddy Bear to love and cuddle. Hardback cover with a colorful jacket, and 32 pages. $12.95 (US) ISBN: 0-615-11612-4

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Bizarre Journeys by Sylvi Milne—This book truly narrates my existence when the following happenings occurred.

Occasionally, they seemed complicated. Sometimes unpleasant and frightening.

Perhaps a metaphysical life exists after we travel through death. A higher power within our body or mind appears and miracles take place.

And, in the process, unhealthy bodies become whole again, but visible only to those having entered at death’s door.
................................................Cover photograph © copyright Deborah Milne


At the turn of the 20th century, young couples from Midwestern farms were making the transition to city life, embarking on new vocations in a rapidly changing world. Set in southern Indiana, Pearl tells the story of one American family that learned to work, live, and still remain close during some of America's greatest trials, including the Great Depression and two world wars. As opportunities open up for her children across the United States, Pearl remains a central figure in their lives and the lives of her grandchildren. Her story revolves around taking care of those she loves during the joyous times and the more difficult moments of their lives. Told by her grandson, Dr. Larry Allen, the story of Pearl's life is the tale of the Midwestern American family in the 1900s, a family you will come to cherish with each turn of the page.

300 pages, 6x9, ISBN 978-0-615-37100-9, Hardbound, $14.95

Kindle e-book $9.99 available from


Kea the Reading Dog by Jane Feldman Nieves—This true story is based on a elementary teacher’s experiences in the classroom. Jane and Kea were able to provide an atmosphere where children at all reading levels were inspired to read. Kea became a friend and a true classmate.

“A brilliant use of ‘man's best friend,’ to help kids practice the skill of reading. Kids are mesmerized by the story and jump on the idea of reading with their own pets. Kea and the Reading Dog Program sets the stage for a love of reading. What a gift to children!”

—Diane Provo
Child Development & Behavioral Specialist

28 pages, 10 x 8, ISBN 978-0-9893374-0-3, $12.00

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Plays Well With Others by Louis K. Satz--After spending one year attending the University of Illinois, author Lou Satz entered the military service as World War II was concluding.To some extent, Plays Well With Others’ hero, Ivan Rudican, follows in the author’s footsteps. Rudican’s journey takes him to occupied Europe for fourteen months where he has a passionate affair with a survivor of the Holocaust.

On his travels to foreign countries, Rudican meets unforgettable characters and witnesses the birth of Israel. He attends world famous music festivals and interacts with renowned musicians and conductors. Eventually, he becomes highly involved in the publishing industry.

The book addresses the economic developments after WW II and other events of the Cold War. In Plays Well With Others, the reader can discover that given the time and the challenging opportunities, it’s possible to achieve a rewarding life and to make a difference. (Good luck and timing help tremendously.)

505 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Paperback, ISBN 978-0-9798855-1-8, $14.95

Rebuttal to the Rogue by Malia Litman


• Sarah Palin was a good choice for the Vice-President.
Women do not have wisdom.
“Abstinence” is the only thing we should teach our girls.
Women are good as “trim" and nothing else.
Beauty Pageants are designed to empower women.
Nothing has changed since the election of 2008.
Sarah Palin is not a “quitter.”

166 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Paperback, ISBN 978-0-615-33495-0, $14.95

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A Store to Remember A Store to Remember by James Thomas Mullane—Isaac Magnin—the lonely, introspective son of a Dutch professor who courageously survived a perilous sea voyage to America in search of gold…. His wife, Mary Ann Cohen—the shy young daughter of an Orthodox Rabbi who threaded her way from humble European beginnings to become the pioneer of San Francisco fashion.

This is their story, a story of innovation and fortitude. It is the history of a powerful matriarch who trained her children and her grandchildren in every facet of the retail industry. Beginning in 1876 in a tiny corner store-front, the Magnin family went on to build one of the most famous fashion dynasties in the world: I. Magnin & Co. which reigned supreme for 118 years.

128 pages, 9 x 9, Hardbound, Color, ISBN 0-9788513-0-7 $50.00

For purchase or information contact jmullane@STMCHS.ORG

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Neiman Marcus--San Francisco: 415-362-3900
The Glass Pheasant: 415-391-8377
Books Inc.: 415-221-3666

Walking 18 Holes With Tiger by MJ and ML Mc Colgan.

“At Augusta National every hole is a signature hole. Attending the 70th Masters with my dad was the thrill of a lifetime for me. This book makes for a great holiday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday or any special occasion gift.”

—MJ Mc Colgan,
National Special Olympics
Golf Champion

54 pages, 6 x 7-1/2, Hardbound, ISBN 0-9666893-3-X $16.95

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Just Rambling by Foster Wood as told to Beverley Wood--was discovered on Beverley’s computer after her death from cancer January 2, 2004. Her husband, Claude, collected the photographs that she had specified in each chapter and put on the finishing touches so that it could be published. The cover artwork was conceived by her husband, Claude and her son, Paul Wood and accomplished by Falcon Books.

84 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9670971-1-8 $11.95

In the Name of a Living God by Paul L. Murphy & Steven L. Ackley--This new book is the first in any language to attempt documentation and identification of the non-governmental awards of Imperial Japan. The use of over 560 color illustrations of actual badges, medals, documents, sake cups and bottles brings to the reader an idea of the vast potential of this fascinating area of collecting. Coverage includes civil defense, veteran, fire brigade, police, Red Cross, naval and air associations, patriotic women's groups, along with military maneuvers and training commemoratives. There is even a section dedicated to door and gatepost badges!

In the Name of a Living God will be a useful addition to the libraries of collectors and historians alike.

172 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, Hardbound with Jacket, Full color photos, Printed on premium coated paper. ISBN 0-9764450-0-X $49.95

For more information contact: Ackley Unlimited

When Children Go to Heaven When Children Go to Heaven by Mayra Cruz-Connerton, beautifully illustrated by Ana Jacobo—"This book is filled with hope. I hope that you and your loved ones will be comforted by its simple, child-like message. When my own child passed away I often wondered what heaven must be like for her. This book is what I imagined. Please share it with your own children or offer it to someone who you think may be comforted by its message. If you’re a child fighting the greatest fight of your life, I hope this book will ease some of your fears and bring you many happy dreams. Keep fighting!"

—The author

25 pages, 11 x 8-1/2, Hardbound, Full color illustrations,
ISBN 0-9749795-0-3 $14.95

Engraved in Stone by Alice Scovell Coleman--Princess Elizabeth of Graycliff and Prince Edward of Whitehill have been bound to marry each other by the terms of a magical stone engraving. If they do not marry by their sixteenth birthday-only six days away-they will turn to stone. Serious Elizabeth loves eloquent poetry, somber music, and courtly dancing. Playful Edward loves athletic competition, nature's beauty, and peasant food. They meet right before the wedding and discover that they detest each other.

With the clock ticking, Elizabeth and Edward decide to travel to distant Engravia to find a stonecutter who, they hope, will release them from the dreadful enchantment.

They begin their journey convinced that the greatest hardship will be spending time together. Little do they know that traps lie in wait for them, for each kingdom they visit offers a temptation which threatens to hold them…forever.

152 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Hardback Edition,
Beautifully illustrated by Anjalé Renée Armand
ISBN 0-9729846-0-7 $14.95 US

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Spider Lies, Poems by Susan Astor--Spider Lies is Astor's second collection of poetry. The first, Dame, was published by The University of Georgia Press in 1980. For over twenty years, Astor has worked fulltime as a teacher of poetry in the public schools.

Spider Lies

the tiny white ones
hanging by their slender threads
almost invisible
almost impossible to catch
they could be anywhere

the bulbous clumsy ones, grey-black
that try to hide in cracks
too narrow to contain them
or dangle in midair
obscene and undeniable

the quick thick ones that scuttle
and the stilted ones that pose
those that are lethal

the ones so intricate in their design
that they intrigue
the ones so beautiful
so perfectly strange
they cannot be believed

Copyright © 2003 by Susan Astor

124 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9725278-0-X $16.95 US

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Night of the Witches, The Beginnings, A Novel In Eight Parts by Don Festge--first book in a series which chronicles the life of a young girl and how she becomes an enchantress of the dark ways.

Conceived through rape, Damiana Novella, a sixteen-year-old child from Spain is forced to flee for her life. Stowed away aboard a ship heading for Hispaniola, Damiana is soon caged like an animal. Her aversion towards life begins.

114 pages, 4 x 6-3/4, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9667232-1-X $4.99

Don Festge is currently a Falcon Books' Featured Author.

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Night of the Witches, The Bocor, the second book in the series which chronicles the life of a young girl and how she becomes an enchantress of the dark ways.

Now befriended by a group of slaves and introduced to the practice of Voodoo, Damiana becomes apprentice to the Bocor. Welcomed by the gods, her powers begin to intensify.

108 pages, 4 x 6-3/4, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9667232-2-8 $4.99

Don Festge is currently a Falcon Books' Featured Author.

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The Living Foods Lifestyle--for abundant health, beauty, energy, joy, happiness and peace by Brenda Cobb-Anyone can have good health and happiness if they are willing to do what it takes! This inspiring guide about the Living Foods Lifestyle is a must read for anyone seeking knowledge about the natural way to heal the body, mind and spirit. It's a remarkable story of how Brenda Cobb turned her own health challenges into a mission to help heal the world. It's not just a diet, but a whole new way of thinking that really changes lives. Her delicious recipes and practical advice have empowered people around the world to take charge of their own health and well-being and take control of their lives.

224 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9721490-0-7 $18.95

Brenda Cobb is a Falcon Books Featured Author. Visit her page.

As featured on

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Johnny Ringo--Unknown Destiny by Jason McCord

Johnny Ringo:

"Friends and foes are unanimous in their opinion that he was a strictly honorable man in all his dealings and that his word was as good as his bond."

"He was absolutely fearless, afraid of no man."

"Gentleman-like and pleasant in his manner, even easy going in many ways, he was a rigid observer of the old frontier code of honor."

"He was recognized by friends and foes, as a recklessly brave man, who would go any distance, or undergo any hardship to serve a friend or punish an enemy."

440 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Hard Bound Edition, ISBN 0-9718506-0-7 $26.95

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Thoughts from Heaven Volume One--The Revelation by Ethel Beardsworth. Ethel Beardsworth is a dancer and pianist, and her husband, Harold, a high school and college football player, was Purchasing Agent at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, CT. They, together with their sons, Kevin and Edward, started and managed Professional Music Center in Fairfield, CT., housing a retail music center and studios for teaching all instruments.

Ethel and Harold were high school sweethearts and married on May 27, 1950. They had an idyllic life together with their three sons and later, their wives and four grand-daughters. However, God intervened and took Harold at age 61. Ethel believes that it was the Goodness of God that sent Harold back to her to soften the blow that was to come, the death of their middle son, Kevin.

This book is the story of that amazing connection.
pages, 5 1/2x 8 1/2, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9719467-0-1

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The Charter School Movement by Alfred J. Lodovico

"Charter schools are a new direction with vast potential to provide a different and creative educational program in a unique setting."

--Dr. Robert Byrne,
Superintendent of Schools,
Thornwood, New York

ALFRED J. LODOVICO is currently an Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Thornwood, New York. He has been in various fields of education for 35 years. As the notion of Charter Schools became more and more familiar, Mr. Lodovico chose this educational reform movement as a final project and requirement for his doctoral degree.

108 pages, 5 1/2x 8 1/2, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9720989-0-9, $11.95 US.

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