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It's All About Smiles—by Adrian D Fenderson, DDS---This book gives compelling reasons and stories on why a beautiful smile can change a person's life. It is also designed to help anyone who goes to the dentist become more knowledgeable, confident and comfortable in their dental experiences and in their other health choices. In addition, it is a very helpful book for patients in search of a new dentist and provides a model and ideas for dentists who would like to give their patients a superior dental office experience.

Read about inspirational stories and adventures which have ledhim to experience a different existence as a dentist. You will read stories from the humanitarian projects he has been a part of for over 40 years. Dr. Fenderson is the recipient of the San Francisco Bay area Jefferson Award and Crown Council's Humanitarian of the Year.

Former long time Napa mayor, Ed Henderson, best summed up the book by saying,
"This is a well written big little book. In fact, it's actually two books in one. The first book describes a warm, kind family dentist who is dedicated to his patient's wellbeing. The second one tells the story of a man committed to his family and to his fellow man. Thank you, Adrian, for sharing your views. I'm so glad you're in this world."

6 x 9, quality, 160 pages, hard cover binding ISBN 978-0-9815901-2-7, $22.95
Also available in paperback, ISBN 978-0-9827220-2-2, $12.95

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Love to Bake Pastry Cookbook by Ernest WeilImagine being able to bake the world renowned delicacies you see pictured on the front of this pastry cookbook. The secret is out! Finally, Ernest Weil, founder of Fantasia Confections, has written a cookbook in which he shares the secrets of more than 150 of the bakery's most popular recipes including the Coffee Crunch Cake and Florentine Cookies. For over forty years, San Franciscans were pampered with their mouth watering cakes, pastries, and cookies. Now, you too, the beginner baker as well as the advanced, can pamper and impress your friends and relatives by bringing these recipes to life.

"This cookbook is full of the creations I baked everyday at Fantasia for 12 years, a great education for my future success. As someone who loves fine chocolates and desserts, I am sure this pastry book will delight former Fantasia customers and new connoisseurs. Those who love to bake are lucky that Ernest has published these magnificent recipes. He is one of my mentors, such a talented konditor, and above all a wonderful human being." Joseph Schmidt (of Joseph Schmidt Confections), San Francisco, 2005.

Fantasia's pastries were featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Mateo Times and San Jose Mercury News, just to name a few. Nationally recognized in Time / Life and Baking Industry Magazines. Their confections were served to foreign dignitaries in China, enjoyed by famous people such as Pope John Paul II and Robin Williams, along with so many others in between.

To purchase a copy for yourself, a friend, or business clients please go to the website:

Quality perfect bound edition, 248 pages with 16 full color pages,
8-1/2 x 11,
ISBN 0-9773737-0-3 $29.95 US

The Absolute Enormous Unity by Reinarto Hadriprono--This is a note about a journey in search of God by a man who believes that natural sciences derived from God's laws and rules for this Universe are paths leading to God.

This book can also be considered an effort to find any means by which God might reveal Himself as He is.It might also be seen as a crossword puzzle about God, the Universe, and Man, which has been partially filled in with several possibilities. Those who do not agree with this book, do answer the questions in it to help improve the answers to the puzzle.

ISBN 0-9715473-0-0, Case bound, 200 pages, $19.95

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Unicorn Blues by R. L. Michalak - Fantasy as foretold in the Legend’s End, it is said that in the most painful turns, unicorns will once again roam the lands. Galloping in flames before the great divergence, they light a path beyond legends where all things are new.

Hail and well met! Well met indeed, for it has been some thirty revolutions since the playing out of the last of the last legends, and only now are you hearing from me in this history of those times. My apologies for the delay and this hasty note. I found many reasons over the last revs to avoid reliving those turns and even now, only the press of events has forced me to send this manuscript out before it is truly ready, but so be it. I must let it go. I trust that these words have reached your hands with the message that it is not too late for it is my charge to continue the chronicles known in the libraries of the old as The Tome of Hope, though not even the wise foresaw the need of this continuance. Surely, they presumed, the turning would occur before the legends failed. The hope would be realized, and thus the Tome needed no more. You need only listen to your heart to know such was not the case. But I get ahead of myself for such makes up the history contained in Unicorn Blues.

This text is woven with the magic of unicorn stories, and thus the fact that these words are before your eyes, announces that you are at the first gate of magic and the unicorn fields of old are before you.

If you feel you want to venture forward, order the 8-1/2 x 11, 305 page, hard bound, dust jacket, Silver Mage Edition which includes 8 full color original mandalas by illustrator Margie A. Bach. ISBN 0-9714099-0-0. Call toll free 1-866-701-5185 or send $ 40.00 plus $5.00 shipping/handling to:
Unicorn Concepts
8987 E. Tanque Verde #309-103
Tucson, AZ 85749-9399

Balance on the Ball by Elisabeth Crawford--“The GymnastikBall® is a natural progression of the Pilates® method. I have found both techniques highly effective in the rehabilitation of my patients.”

—Dr. Ward G. Gypson, M.D.
Director of Alternative Medicine Services,
Dept. of Orthopedics, UCSF Medical Center

“Elisabeth beautifully communicates the concept of core strength and balance, allowing people with any level of experience to understand and implement these beneficial mind-body exercises in their daily lives…A great guide!”

—Kelley Rajala
Rajala Rehab Products

7-1/4 x 9, humdreds of photos, quality paperback binding, ISBN 0-9703716-0-8, $16.95

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The Spirit of Prayer by James W. Tharp--Prayer is the secret to the next great spiritual awakening. When people have an increasing passion to know the Lord and a hunger to pray in power as Jesus demonstrated and the Early Church continued, they know they can attribute this to the work of the Holy Spirit in their life. Spirit-anointed prayer leads to personal revival and then like a fire, begins to spread. Here are the Biblical principles of a dynamic prayer life. If you've just joined the growing prayer movement or have been a long time prayer warrior, you'll find insight and inspiration to Upper Room praying here.

175 Pages, 6" x 9", Quality Paperback, $10.95, ISBN 1-930707-05-3

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In Search of Health & Happiness by Gandi R. Rajender, Ph.D.--Health and Happiness—these two states are deeply and universally desired by all of humankind, and yet for so many people, they are elusive and transitory. In this book, the author outlines a detailed system for reaching Health and happiness through bodily, mental and spiritual care. After undergoing heart by-pass surgery for blocked arteries, he set out on a quest to improve his own health, and realized that while there is some helpful written information on the subject, much of it is confusing, contradictory and incomplete. There is also an over-emphasis in our culture on appearance, rather than underlying well-being.

After careful research and personal experience of various methods, Dr. Rajender has developed a complete program for achieving Health and Happiness. His book covers an entire lifetime of study and experience, and provides a wealth of information about all the elements of a healthful and happy lifestyle for body, mind and spirit. Topics including nutrition, vitamins, exercise and relaxation are discussed in straightforward terms. Moreover, every activity recommended in the book is easy for the reader to put into practice in his or her daily life.

In addition, various religious and philosophical approaches to happiness are treated in a fascinating and enlightening manner, while the chapter on “Conscious Living” expresses the author's belief that fulfillment in life can only be attained while living in the present moment, intensely, with total awareness and concentration. Conscious Living, if practiced consistently, will help people to be more creative, efficient, and productive, and will increase the intensity of their senses, improve their memory, communication and decision-making skills, and lead them closer to their natural goals of Health and Happiness. The book enables the individual to use the full measure of his or her capacities and potentials in the pursuit of increasing levels of happiness.

160 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Quality Paperback, ISBN: 0-9703643-0-X, $14.95 (US).

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Carry Me Back--A Family and National History of Slavery and Freedom-- Intelligent and aware people all over the world know about the shameful history of slavery in this country, but few of them may also be aware of the African-Americans who came to the USA as free men and women, and remained free throughout their family's history. In a sensitive and powerful memoir, Susie Nickens Ludlow traces the saga of her multiracial family, which includes ancestry that is black, white, and Native American, back to its origins in slavery and its origins in freedom.

The author illuminates a little-known aspect of black American life, and shares the rich, warm and vivid recollections of her own family, and their experiences, as well as of moments in history, such as the March on Washington and Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech. She shares with us times of triumph and achievement, both for her family and black Americans, as well as those times when they suffered from prejudice and discrimination.

Without bitterness, she explores and analyzes colorism among both whites and blacks, as it exists in this country, and traces the path by which she came to reject color bias, and to realize her true identity as a woman of multi-ethnic background, as an American, and as a human being whose strength and hope spring from ancestors who came to this country in chains, ancestors who came of their own free will, and ancestors who occupied this land for thousands of years.

278 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Quality Paperback, Illustrations,
ISBN: 0-9679879-0-3, $17.95 (US).

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Politics, Population, Prison, Plantations by M. Avery Johnson--With enough education and encouragement to skip his junior year of high school, M. Avery Johnson graduated a year ahead of his class with the hope of getting started on a bright future. Months later you could consider it as luck to have such a young African American male working in the White House and surrounding executive buildings. His work location was honorable, but his position showed no room for advancement. So, continuing his education part-time was his next step up in life. But...none of this seemed to be good enough when stuck in a sick system of senseless and shameless power that sentenced him to seventeen years and seven months in prison.

With a mix of education, common sense, rational thinking, and tough love, M. Avery Johnson uses facts and feelings to expose and express the people, power, pressure, and problems between Politics vs. Population vs. Prisons vs. Plantations.

252 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Quality Paperback, ISBN: 0-9678024-0-7, $15.95 (US).

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There is a God in You by Parag and Diane Karkhanis--In these troubled times, people seek answers to the great questions of life in many places--in nature, in traditional religions and philosophies, even in the vast reaches of outer space with the hope that a superior alien race will come to enlighten us. There is a God in You opens up another, limitless vista for enlightenment: one's own soul. Parag writes that in India, the word Namaste is a common way for people to greet each other. In English, it translates, "I salute the God in you." In the words of the authors, "God is always with you, because God is everywhere." Through the Steps of Evolvement, Parag and Diane move from Restlessness, the desire to find answers; to Recognition of the energy which vibrates throughout the Universe; seeing Order in the randomness of the world; Taking Pleasure in Life, and finally, Creating Consciously to lead a rich, fulfilling spiritual existence. 128 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Quality Paperback, ISBN: 0-96668743-0-7, $11.95 (US), $17.75 (CAN).

Parag & Diane are currently Falcon Books' Featured Authors.

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Labial Instability in Sound Change by Richard Edward McDorman, Jr.--The renowned historical linguist Hans Henrich Hock once commented that, for reasons that are not well understood, there sometimes appear “curious gaps” in the bilabial slot of languages' series of obstruents. Hock based his comment on the observation that if a language lacks a voiceless stop at one of the cardinal points of articulation, the missing segment is almost always /p/. Labial Instability in Sound Change explains the driving force behind this phenomenon. In this elegantly crafted solution to the longstanding problem of “labial instability,” linguist Richard Edward McDorman, Jr. clarifies the complex relationships among speech perception, acoustic and articulatory phonetics, language typology, and sound change. 60 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Quality Paperback, ISBN: 0-9672537-0-5, $12.95 (US)
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Impeachment Trial Diary by Wil F. Huston--Impeaching the President for lying about sex seemed so bizarre, so shockingly wrong-headed to this author (a retired professor of political sociology) that when the trial began he reset his wakeup alarm: got up before dawn each day in time to record events in the trial in the Senate and note how they seemed to be impacting public opinion, the jury-behind-the-jury of people not unlike himself. Would the poll numbers decline? Would the home folks finally "get it" that what Clinton did with Monica called for the political equivalent of capital punishment? Or would they "get it" that the campaign against him was in bad faith: an effort by religious extremists and others on the far right, on grounds that were both frivolous and contrived, to finally and at long last, "Get Clinton?" Was what Michael Lind has called "the southernization of American politics" a factor? Issues of race and sex, gays, women outside the home ("family values"), resentment of the protest movements of the '60s and '70s and the counterculture that grew out of it?
186 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Quality Paperback, ISBN: 0-9673216-0-3, $10.95 (US).

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Most Like An Arch by David Keyes--A practical introduction to a major movement in the liberal church, Most Like an Arch is a groundbreaking study of the context, theory, and realities of global congregation-to-congregation relationships. Drawing on his six years of engagement in building sister church programs, the author presents partnerships as social justice initiatives, guides the reader through minefields of power, money, and paternalism, and focuses on the efforts of Unitarian Universalist congregations to establish and sustain connections with historic Unitarian churches in Transylvania.
144 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Quality Paperback

Guide Book cover A Guidebook for African American Lovers by L. Patrick, Sr.--This book is written with a dual purpose in mind. Yes, it is a "how-to" book, but it is hoped that it will also serve as a facilitator for honest communication between couples. 60 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Quality paperback. $10.95

Two Brothers, Paths West and East cover Two Brothers Paths West and East by Mary Shuler Heimburger is currently featured at the Oakland Museum Bookstore, during the California Gold Rush Exhibition, and at the.Alameda Historical Museum.
"Let's take a look at a box of Gold Rush letters in Grandma's attic...your grandfather was a Forty Niner." With these words, Mary Heimburger's father Frank Shuler introduced her to a legacy of family history, which was to lead to the bookTwo Brothers--Paths West and East. The Author's historical research and the letters, notebooks, and documents which she collected, create a fascinating story of an odyssey from the Pennsylvania Dutch village of Powder Valley to the Gold Rush mines of old California. Her book gives an unforgettable glimpse into the daily lives, struggles for survival, and dreams of American pioneers. 200 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Illustrated, Paperback, ISBN: 0-9613901-3-1, $10.00

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Spring Canyon cover Spring Canyon by Jennie Tennant --The author was born in Laramie, Wyoming, one of seven children. Her parents had emigrated from Norway in 1905. This book is the story of her childhood in a small farming community, a story filled with vivid portraits of colorful characters---both human and animal. Spring Canyon is a warm tale of a time of rich harvests and cruel reapings, of plenty and of want, and of many dear lives remembered and immortalized in this book. 250 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Paperback, ISBN # 0-9613901-2-3. $12.00

Spring Canyon, in both original manuscript and printed book form, is in the Jennie Williams Tennant Collection at the American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming, Laramie WY.

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