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I Am Change, a book of prose and poetry by David Best, is a pleasure to read. It combines warm, personal experiences and compelling true life drama with spiritual guidance toward acceptance of everything that this universe has to offer us, without labeling it as bad or good. Its tone is welcoming and charismatic.

It has a quality of modesty which encourages the reader to consider the ideas presented by someone who does not exalt himself but simply and eloquently tells what he has experienced and learned. The author's poetry has a bright, captivating quality, and yet at the same time it expresses some powerful truths about birth, life, death and the essential nature of all three as forms of change. The way the poetry is interspersed with the prose of I Am Change is illuminating. The two different forms of communication enhance and intensify each other.

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Quality paperback, 130 pages, ISBN 978-1945224003, $15.95
Also available on ebook.

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This is the Captain Speaking by Thomas James Tucker—An easy to use method of strengthening your will power, and achieving your goals.

Let the Captain be your LIFECOACH. He works cheap.

No matter where you are in your life—from a young child—to an elderly person—you can impact your happiness and well-being in a positive way.

If you are happy, prosperous and successful and make the “right” decisions most of the time;and have little or no bad habits; then you probably don’t need to read the book. For the rest of us—read the book!

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64 pages, Quality paperback, ISBN 978-0-9861750-0-8, $ 9.95
Also available e-book for Kindle and E-pub.

Halloween in Oz--Dorothy Returns–Upon returning, Dorothy finds that heroic tasks again await her — and that in Oz Halloween lasts an entire witch-week of thirteen days! Mysteries abound. Why does she arrive in Gillikin Land, where she has never been before? Where is that evil that her father warned her about? Who is this mysterious boy with purple hair, who seems to be a friend from Kansas in disguise? Old friends like Scarecrow, Tin-man, and Lion — and new friends like the mysterious boy and her Kansas pumpkin magically brought to life — help her and Toto struggle in what becomes a battle to save Oz.

563 pages, Quality paperback, Illustrated, ISBN 978-0-9798562-0-4, $14.95

Roots & Tendrils—Prose and Poetry by the Berkeley Writers’ Workshop

Some of Our Prose:

• A homeless woman sleeps where rattlesnakes live
• A classics professor plots vengeance on perfidious colleagues
• An American in Paris solicits a gypsy for a handout
• A young girl is persuaded that a manure facial will free her of freckles
• A divorcée has a one-night affair with a lonely foreign man
• A peeping Tom unwittingly promotes a friendship between two women
• An essayist offers advice on appreciating butterflies, bats and grackles

Some of Our Poems:

• “The Write Words”
• “The Old Lovers”
• “Hearing with the Lips”

244 pages, 6 x 9, Quality paperback edition, ISBN 978-0-615-37085-9, $15.95

Teaching Algebra to Chickens by Don Peckham--Have you ever stopped to wonder how the universe can go on forever? How once upon a time there was nothingness and yet everything that now exists was somehow created out of that nothingness? Have you ever wondered if there’s a master designer – God, the universe, the Force, or whatever you’d like to call it – that made everything? And if this ultimate being made everything, then who made him?

And then there’s the smaller stuff: How does our brain work? Why are we so different from animals – or are we? Do gender differences really matter? Why is there war? What will happen to humans if we destroy our environment? What happens when we die?

The fact is that life is filled with endless unanswerable questions, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask them. Join author Don Peckham as he ponders those things in life that defy explanation and the things that seem beyond our comprehension. While we think we may know the answers, Don will challenge you to look past those beliefs that you readily accept and question their validity. We may not be able to answer every question that life raises any better than a chicken can learn algebra, but we can open our awareness to a place of wonder and respect for the unanswerable.

Paperback ISBN 978-0-615-41593-2 $14.95
Hardbound ISBN 978-0-615-42092-9 $21.95

Jerry Whiting is a
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Veterans in the Mist by Jerry W. Whiting--They're a proud group of Americans, but they don't draw attention to themselves. They meet monthly to share memories, friendship and to reminisce. They're from all over our country and beyond, and from all walks of life. Unless we look closely and engage them, we won't understand what they've done for our country and for the world at a critical time…when we needed them most. Even today, as the most senior of our citizens, this group of World War II veterans, from all branches of service, represents the best of what America has to offer. Collectively, with affection, admiration and respect, we call them "The Third Thursday Lunch Bunch." Here are a few of their stories, glimpses into their war. time experiences, but a brief portion of their lives, which have profoundly impacted them, us and the world. Well done, men. Carry on.

212 pages, Quality hardback, ISBN 978-0-9713538-4-8, $21.95

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My Life: From Refugee to Techer & Scientist by Norbert W. Tietz--In this publication Professor Tietz has woven the pleasant, rewarding, and even painful aspects of his life into a very readable and fascinating account of his life, that readers will enjoy. Professor Tietz, an icon in the field of Clinical Chemistry has made outstanding contributions as scientist, author, editor, and educator. He reports on his various fascinating lecture and vacation trips to 21 different foreign countries. One of his greatest accomplishments is the Textbook Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry which is often affectionately referred to as the bible of Clinical Chemistry.

Dr. Tietz also describes his extraordinary life as accomplished Farm hand, equestrian, Mountain hiker and climber, track and field champion, skier, Fraternity leader and world traveler as well as his experiences as glider pilot, POW and refugee.

168 pages, Quality hardback, ISBN 978-1-59425-106-1 , $20.00

Einstein: An Event in the Fourth Dimension by Louis Guise--Everyone has the intellectual capacity to understand Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.

The principle of relativity is based upon the self-evident truth of matter in constant motion throughout the universe. His theory hinges upon the term “event.”

While Mother Nature and Father Time play an active role in events, the outcome of a human event may change by “common sense” and “reason.”

Experience gained from the day’s event will always be there, which is good. But, a theory such as Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, opens our eyes before the event happens, which is better.

The civilized world, especially the growing child should know and understand the structure of an event appearing as a theory.

The Fourth Dimension should be learned as early as possible.

This vital, new subject should be added to the school’s curriculum for the sole purpose of teaching students to think before they act.

200 pages, 6 x 9, Quality paperback edition, ISBN 978-0-615-38294-4, $14.95

The Thundergods’ Gold & House of the Fire Demon by William N. Edwards—In the literary tradition of Young Detectives like Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, author Bill Edwards has written two exciting stories of mystery and lost treasure. Both are fast-moving thrillers, with likeable young characters, intricate mysteries, and lively, suspenseful plots.

In The Thundergods’ Gold, brother and sister Rick and Teri turn prospectors to search for the Lost Dutchman Mine in the lonely Superstition Mountains of Arizona. On the Apache Trail, they are stalked and menaced by a deadly gang of criminals who caused their father’s death, and are ready to kill again. Ghosts of two ancient tribes—one Native American and one fabled to be from Europe—also cast their eerie shadows over the story.

House of the Fire Demon follows long-time friends Mike and Shari as they turn teenage detectives to solve a decades long puzzle of a cursed old house and right a wrong done to innocent early immigrants to San Francisco. To do so, they must brave the wrath of the terrifying Fire Demon, the ghost of an evil sea captain, along the rugged and treacherous coast of Northern California.

213 pages, Quality hardback, ISBN 978-0-9700515-2-3, $24.00

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The Bear Book by The Bear Trust International

Bear biologists, wildlife researchers, adventurers, young, old. Everyone has a good bear story to share, of an unforgettable experience.

Essays: Explore why we are so passionate about bears, and how we can go wrong.

Photographs: Wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen shares a series of photographs of grizzlies and polar bears

Bear Facts: Eight species, hundreds of facts

Advice: Hiking and Camping in Bear Country

288 pages, 6 x 9, Quality paperback edition, ISBN 978-0-9798645-0-6, $25.00

City of Refuge by Valerie Farber—Bat-Shachar, a teenaged girl, gifted with beauty and intellect, languishes in the household of her father, a prominent Israelite scholar. Intimidated by Bat-Shachar’s coming of age, her father grows aloof. He scrutinizes her actions, and his discipline is heavy-handed. Her father’s rages drive Bat-Shachar from home. In the company of the family’s Canaanite maidservant, Bat-Shachar happens upon pagan rituals. The visions she sees shake her to the core of her existence.

Tzuriel is a metalworking apprentice. Upon seeing the agony of his people butchered by marauders, he vows to equip his nation for battle. After infiltrating enemy territory to acquire the forbidden skills of crafting iron weapons, Tzuriel faces an awesome fate, borne of a fleeting indiscretion.

The paths of Bat-Shachar and Tzuriel intertwine when they are expelled from their tribal villages. They race towards a city of refuge as bloodthirsty enemies pursue them relentlessly.

City of Refuge is set in the early years of Israelite nationhood. The tale of love, death, and vengeance captures a reader’s attention at the outset and does not relinquish it until the final page.

410 pages, Quality paperback, ISBN 978-0-9816058-0-7, $17.95

Love is the Strongest Force–Daniel D. Thomas is what some may call the new age Renaissance man. He found his talent of writing at a young age and has mixed his passion for it with an adventurous life, traveling the world and dabbling in many things; including athletics, real-estate, music, art, business, and of course writing. Daniel has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Philosophy from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, but has studied in numerous places including Paris, Rome, Greece, and the Caribbean. Daniel’s Theory is that “Love is the strongest force, and through it we find purpose.” The young author goes by his own personal saying “Live for the beauty in life, work for the better of the world”. Another title written by Daniel D. Thomas is his first book Prophecies of Life which takes us through the prophecies of an adolescent.

102 pages, Quality paperback, ISBN 978-0-9761604-1-0, $18.95

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Shaded Canvas by Isis I--Though Shaded Canvas is fiction, throughout the novel Isis I wields bold brushstrokes of advocacy for awareness and needed social change.

Isis I lives part of the year in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area and the other part of the year in Atlanta, Georgia. A passionate traveler, Isis I has spent the last two decades in an all-embracing, cultural adventure throughout Africa. She was in Johannesburg during the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s inauguration and then continued her trek north to Egypt. There she visited the Great Pyramids of Giza as well as the museums in Luxor, home of the Royal Mummies. Isis I attended the opening ceremony of The Great Man Made River in Libya. She also has added the continents of South America, Europe and Asia to her extensive travel portfolio. Though Isis I has experienced such international charm and beauty, she nevertheless sings praises that there is no place more wonderful than the United States of America.

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466 pages, Quality hardback, ISBN 978-1-4343-4451-9, $29.95

Incoming Rounds by Hamel Morris is a minimalistic but powerful record of one young man’s experience in the Hell of Viet Nam. For any reader who has never been in combat, this account is shocking, poignant, and enlightening.

The juxtaposition of the ordinary—receiving mail, getting food rations after two days, being able to bathe in a river after days of sweating on the trails of the jungle—with the deeply horrific is like a jolt of lightning to any complacency.

Within one day’s entry, the writer may describe anything from building a “hooch” out of his poncho to keep out the monsoon rains, to the brutal interrogation of a VC member by a Lieutenant, from a sandbag-making detail to the massacre of villagers in retribution for a mortar attack, atrocities he despises but is powerless to prevent....

For more information or purchase:

123 pages, Quality paperback, Photos, ISBN 978-0-9774013-0-7, $14.95

Buster's December Tale (as told by Buster) by JoAnn "Jody" Bunting--This is the perfect pre-December book for pet lovers or that special young person in your life. From beginning to end, Buster is sure to tug at your heart and delight readers young and old. The story includes a special visit from a plump fellow wearing black boots and a red suit.

Includes reader's Diary and December Calendar–also available in Braille.

48 pages, Hard bound, with color throughout, illustrated by David Conlin, ISBN 978-0-9700549-4-4, $15.00

Creating Your New Lifestyle by Hamiltion C. Erridge—“Too many medical professionals still don't understand that losing weight and keeping it off has less to do with the food we eat, and more to do with reasons behind the eating and the need to change behaviors. As a result, I wrote this book to allow anyone on any diet the opportunity to gain control, identify and understand their own issues, create new skills and behaviors, and learn to keep the weight off for the rest of their life.

I have no doubt this book will bring you inspiration, laughter, and the thoughts and knowledge to truly create a new and healthy lifestyle.

For information:,
165 pages, Quality Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-9793455-0-0, $16.95

Ice Cream Melts by Nnamdi Osaugwu

“Osuagwu’s poetic style takes the reader through cerebral twist and turns that question or responds to decisions of human life”

— Sandra Andino, Ph.D.
Cultural Anthrapologist

“Ice Cream Melts is a fusion of raw experiences seasoned with the spices of inner truth and a twist of reality served on a sweet and sour dish of life!”

— Ona Brown
Results Coach,

“Ice Cream Melts is a mirror in the face of society. What it reflects is our innermost ambitions, vulnerabilities, imperfections, and reflections.”

—D. Shanks,
Musician and Staff Writer,

128 pages, 6 x 9, Quality paperback edition, ISBN 978-0-9798855-0-1, $12.95

Medicine Wheel Stories—As a Native American “free thinker” in the year 2001, this book is my own interpretation of the Medicine Wheel and its use of symbolism. Symbols access the imaginary realm of our subconscious minds. They help us connect spiritually to the mystery, the center, the 5th part of our four section circle.

My own experience of the thought process of Native Americans, generally speaking, has often been to note a natural tendency toward artistic and spiritual right brain function.

There are some Native Americans on reservations today whose families have maintained in the traditional culture, and I want to give due recognition to these ones. But, many Native Americans today on reservations, and in urban areas alike, are out of touch with traditional values.

Because there has been a lack of knowledge and of experience in age-old customs and ceremonies, one may think the old values, the old ways are being lost. I have found that the opposite is true. The values are still strong for anyone ready to receive them into their life.

According to my experience as an urban Indian, this is my own interpretation of some underlying values and contributions of my Native American heritage.

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