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Pro Se–On My Own—by Erlinda Dominguez—A horrifying true story of unconscionable conflicts of interest, betrayals, abuses, ineptitude, ultimate fraud and cover-up — when American dream clashed with American greed as played out with impunity in the judicial system. A blockbuster source of truth and awareness for all who care for justice.

— Supporters of the Rule of Law and
Human Rights who read the author's
manuscript before publication of this book.

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Rats: Legally Blind Mice, the latest book from Attorney and Author Erlinda Dominguez, is a biting, extremely sharp legal satire. In this novella, Author Dominguez lays bare the misdeeds of the Trio, or Triumvirate as they prefer to be called, three Rodents who are practicing attorneys in the field of personal injury. In the style of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Ms. Dominguez creates a fantasy world which parodies the realities of life in the Justice System, as the three charlatan attorneys, Mr. Doe, Mr. User and Mr. Mad, later joined by a notorious lady Rat, Judge Bull, struggle to live lifestyles of the rich and famous and fail miserably. Rats is a hilarious but ultimately incisive exposé of the shenanigans carried out by an egotistical, scheming, money-mad and incompetent threesome of the genusRattus. The humorous illustrations add to the clever portrayal of a ‘brave new world,’ the world of Rats. Any resemblance to Rats living or dead is purely coincidental.

—Roberta Tennant, M.A.
Falcon Books

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In Occupation Europe--Lou Satz tells it like it was during his year of duty with the U.S. Army of Occupation in post WWII. Satz, a 19-year-old sergeant, was one of the first soldiers in the newly formed Constabulary Corps. This elite corps was thrown into the mass confusion of conquered Europe and assumed responsibility for policing more than 16 million men, women and children in Germany and Austria. They provided security to civilians, hunted black marketers and Nazis, assisted in rebuilding local governments, and provided border security.

Satz reveals the personal side of his experiences, including a chance encounter with the famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and his efforts to aid displaced persons. Satz also shares the experiences of some of his friends including a battle-hardened soldier who chose to remain in Austria, and a young Austrian girl whose family had resisted the Nazis. Rarely has anything been written about this critical time in history. Satz fills in the blanks for us.

128 pages, 6 x 9, Quality paperback edition, ISBN 978-0-9798855-0-1, $12.95

Jerry Whiting
is a Falcon Books'
Featured Author
I'm Off to War, Mother, But I'll be Back by Jerry W. Whiting and Wayne B. Whiting

“Several planes were smoking. I saw a plane from one of the groups take a direct hit, and go down. I saw no parachutes. I was trying to make myself as small as possible. My steel helmet was pulled down over most of my face. I couldn't see much, but I didn't have to worry about German fighters attacking us in all this flak. I had a flak vest under my seat and my legs were pulled up and tight under my body. This was not the way I intended to spend my birthday!”
......................................Jerry ...................................................................—Wayne Whiting - Tail Gunner

256 pages, 6 x 9,
Quality Hardbound edition
, ISBN 978-09713538-1-7, $26.95 US
Quality paperback edition, ISBN 978-0913538-5-5, $18.95 US

Also available in E-Pub and Kindle formats.

Our First Garden is a delightful story about a father and son who start their first home edible garden together. From planning to growing, harvesting to giving thanks, they inspire and encourage us to follow along in their garden footsteps.

For ages 2 to 6.

ISBN 978-0-9859290-0-8, $15.99

A Food Secret Just For You brings awareness to the healthy and holistic rewards of growing and eating homegrown food while contemplating the potential lack of rewards when eating unhealthy food. From pouting to smiling, the children in this book have a secret to share with you!

For ages 2 to 6

ISBN 978-0-9859290-1-5, $15.99

Soleirolia soleirolii is an enchanting story about a 3 year old boy and his mother as he journeys through a time of happiness, to a time of sadness, and back to a time of happiness, once again.

Readers of all ages will enjoy this beautifully illustrated heart tender keepsake story.

ISBN 978-0-9859290-2-2, $18.99

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.. In Mt. Diablo's Shadow (Volume 1, 2 and 4)-- An Anthology of Prose and Poetry Compiled and Edited by Kati Short, Poet Laureate, City of Brentwood

In this age of electronic readers and books on computers there are still writers who yearn to have their work produced on paper in ink. We bring you some of them. The poetry, stories and non-fiction pieces in this anthology are created by writers ranging in age from sixteen to ninety-six.

Volume 1: 6x9, 140 pages, ISBN 978-0-615-56714-3, $14.00

Volume 2: 6x9, 150 pages, ISBN 978-0-615-72868-1, $17.00





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Neither Snow Nor Rain... by Hamel Morris--Behind the Scenes at the Post Office

Henry Thompson is a most engaging and sympathetic character. He seems to perfectly illustrate the concept of grace under pressure. I found myself so involved in all his concerns, including the passages about Post Office procedures, which I thought were fascinating and informative. I was rooting for him to defeat his foes in a noble and gracious manner. Henry Thompson is a type of Everyman Hero whose struggles and victories are very compelling, because most of us can identify and empathize with him.

—Roberta Tennant, M.A.
Falcon Books

178 pages, Quality perfect bound edition, ISBN 978-0-9774013-9-0, $16.95

The Road to NAUM by Pastor Mike Moberg ……the SoMa was an area of the city that was plagued by poverty, homelessness, drug and alcohol addition, and violence. At sundown a carnival-like atmosphere emerged. It featured dope peddlers, panhandlers, prostitutes, and the down and out. Emotionally damaged lost souls moved chaotically through the streets. People passed with hollow eyes pushing shopping carts filled with their worldly belongings and raged at the top of their lungs against an invisible adversary. Hustlers whispered, "what do ya need?"as they slithered from the shadows. Sirens wailed, lifeless people lay passed out on the sidewalk, and occasional gunshots cracked above the constant hum of activity.

The SoMa is also an area where hundreds of recent immigrants from everywhere around the globe huddle together in cramped single rooms or substandard housing doing their best to survive and hoping to get a shot at the American dream. Most of the churches and community centers had headed for higher ground when the flood of blight began to breach the levees.

ISBN 978-0-615-31345-0 $14.95

Only in America: An American Boating Adventure by John Mirassou is a rollicking, touching, at times outrageous Valentine to our country, in a story that combines elements of Huckleberry Finn, The African Queen, and Surfin’ USA.

This exciting buddy story follows “The Three Johns,” twenty-something lifelong friends from Redondo Beach, California, in their 17-foot Boston Whaler, as they take the trip of a lifetime through the eastern waterways of America, a nautical variation on the classic road trip saga. The author’s style is so natural and engaging, yet polished and accomplished, that he makes writing seem easy: an effortless telling of an epic adventure by a natural-born story-teller.

However, there is nothing easy about this trip as the guys tackle rivers and lakes, alligators and snakes, horrendous storms and endless summer days. From the Intracoastal Waterway to Old Man River, Chesapeake Bay, Erie Canal, Great Lakes and the Ten-Tom — 6,100 miles of American waterways and some of the most interesting and affable characters you ever will meet.

This book is a profound and personal celebration of America, its rivers, shores, forests, but most of all, its people. Every time the guys meet with some amazing instance of kindness, trust, hospitality, and just plain warmth, the author states the motto of the trip: “Only in America,” a concept coined by his dad. It takes a nation to make a voyage like this possible, and the American people come through every time, with food, drink, lodging, and above all, unconditional friendship. This story had me smiling, chuckling, and laughing out loud. Jump into The Whaler with John, John and John for a trip you’ll never forget: Fun, fun, fun!

—Roberta Tennant
Editor, Falcon Books

Quality perfect bound edition, ISBN 978-0-615-20894-7, $16.95

Is Life a Dream? by Zia Oboodiyat—Illustrated by Jim Lemon—The poems in this book are intended to perhaps trigger the possibility of living the lives we dream. Life is a journey during which we human beings have the unique ability to explore our inner-most feelings and thoughts.

Imagine if we achieve this dream what new imaginations are possible. Imagine that we could live the lives we dream. In today's reality, what goes up does not necessarily come down. We can explore the idea of a fearless state of being; we can examine a state of mind that does not recognize boundaries or limitations; and we can live the life we dream. So is life a dream or could we actually live the life we dream? Could we live in a world where there is no child left behind, no one goes to bed hungry and we all live in peace and harmony?

The book may be ordered from the following address:
C/O Zia Oboodiyat
40087 Mission Blvd. Suite 204
Fremont, CA 94539-3680

Email for more information:

ISBN 978-1-60530-443-4, 104 full color pages, 8.5" x 11" Hardbound $29.95

Is Life a Dream received "Best of Show" at the 2008  PIA show

Return to Caffe Cino, a collection of plays and memoirs edited by Steve Susoyev and George Birimisa

“This Ground Zero of the 1960s was a coffee house, a theatre, a brothel, a temple. a flophouse, a dope ring, a launching pad, an insane asylum, a safe house, and a sleeper cell for an unnamed revolution...”

—Robert Patrick, author of Kennedy's Children
from his introductory memoir

“The Caffe Cino was one of the first and most important venues in the off-off-Broadway scene, launching the careers of major playwrights, actors, and directors.

—Prof. Wendell Stone, author of
Caffe Cino: The Birthplace of Off-Off-Broadway
from his introductory essay

484 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Paperback and Hardbound editions
ISBN 978-0-9774214-0-4, $24.95
ISBN 978-0-9774214-1-1, $44.95

Along the Way, A Spiritual Journey by Ida Mae Kempel is one woman’s story of survival in a less than perfect world. Ida Mae Kempel writes about growing up in North Dakota, moving to California, and dealing with the many issues she had to face—a traumatic childhood, a husband’s addictions, and their daughter’s murder, to name a few.

Ultimately it is the story of faith in God, how His mercy and grace enabled the author to move forward in life and to deal with difficult circumstances.

Ida Mae Kempel is currently living in Alameda, California. She is writing, traveling and spending time with her children and grandchildren.


284 pages, Quality Paperback, ISBN 978-0-9628132-3-8, $14.00

Am I Really A Manager? by Mallory Morrison–The seven mechanics that turn good managers into great ones and great managers into Legends!

The Seven Mechanics of Marvelous Management outline a proven, time-tested step-by-step approach to GETTING GREAT RESULTS EVERYTIME! It shows you how to create a standard of success that will grow and replenish ITSELF over time.

160 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Paperback, ISBN 10: 0-9791442-0-5,
ISBN 13: 978-0-9791442-0-2, $13.95

Joe and Jude by Joe Weiser—The office was small. Nothing extreme, very ordinary. Just a small office with a jumbled desk, three aging chairs, and a wicker trash can. The walls were off-white and the floor concrete. A practical office. A business office. It was mid-afternoon and a thick beam of light shone through the lone window, illuminating the room with a soft glow. I stood for a moment, in the doorway, and watched the dust particles floating aimlessly in the light. One in particular caught my attention as it tarried on the edge before slipping off and disappearing completely into the relative darkness beyond the beam. ‘Ugh, how depressing,’ I thought, as I reached over and flipped on the switch, extinguishing the remaining particles in the barrage of artificial light. And that’s when I saw it. Beneath the window. It had been shielded by the beam, but now, with the overhead lamp blazing, it was clear as anything I'd ever seen…A body. A head. Separated. Decapitated.

64 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Hardbound, ISBN 0-9789312-0-9, $15.95

For information and purchase email:

How to Avoid the Divorce from Hell and Dance Together at Your Daughter's Wedding--With humor and sensitivity, M. Sue Talia, a family lawyer and private judge with thirty years of experience, points out common pitfalls and provides useful solutions.

This upbeat and informative guide to divorce covers a broad spectrum, from the basics about support and property to:

• Why it is worse to have a stupid lawyer on the other side than a good one.
• Six questions not to ask your prospective lawyer.
• What happens when your spouse hires the Lawyer from Hell.
• How to prepare for a custody mediation or evaluation.
• Visitation games that will make your kids resent you forever.
• How to evaluate a settlement offer.
• Common temptations that will cost you 10 Karma points.

340 pages, 6 x 9, Quality Paperback, ISBN 0-9651075-0-7, $17.95

Available from Nexus Publishing Co.

Walk with Me through the Internet by Andrew Gold--The author, concerned that his parents were slowly but surely losing ground in their understanding of the present and future, introduces them to the Internet. You too can be a part of the information age. This guide removes the fear and substitutes a workable bridge for people of all ages to meet the future today.

This easy and enlightening guide will show you what the Internet is, how you can get connected to it, and how you can use the Internet to make your life easier and more fun.

6 1/2" x 9", 112 pages, ISBN: 0-966285-0-2, $14.00

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Hazard of the Die by Grace Wilson, Poetry collection, 110 pages.

Prize up a stone and turn it toward the sun,
Name a star and fix it in the sky.
Sift the dormant hours, one by one,
To glean a quickening dreamer drifting by.
Spell a word and tangent echoes ring,
Launch a thought, then track its scandent reach.
Sound a note...its counterpoint will sing,
Strike the flint--its very spark can teach!

124 pages of original and unique poems, drawings and paintings by the author.
11" x 8 1/2"
Good-bye Mount Diablo
by Frank Bette

I'm greeting you from a train
That stops near your foothills.

For many years, I traveled
Around you and your companion
With paints, brushes, and canvas
Admiring the many views
And shapes in light and dark hues
And I liked reading about your legends.
The good times I had hiking
Your woods and meadows
Climbing to your top with a view
No other mountain can match.

Now population growth has
Reached your foothills after
razing extensive walnut groves,
And many huge buildings
Threaten your free stand.
My train is slowly pulling away
As you disappear in
The summer's haze.
"Good-bye, Mount Diablo!"

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