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Featured Author David A. Best
The Author of I Am Change

David was born and raised in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Until recently he had spent most of his time on the east coast, except for a few years in Michigan and Texas. He retired in 2010 from a career as a USPTA Certified Tennis Teaching Professional. He currently lives in San Ramon, California, where his love of nature and all things Spirit gives him the space to write. David is the father of a wonderful daughter and a proud grandfather of a beautiful little boy. He is a Certified Practitioner of Re-connective Energy Healing and the Reconnection. This is his first published work but he will soon be releasing his book of poems entitled Expressions of Love from the Heart of the Universe.

A Review:

I Am Change, a book of prose and poetry by David A. Best, is a pleasure to read. It combines warm, personal experiences and compelling true life drama with spiritual guidance. Its tone is welcoming and charismatic. It has a quality of modesty which encourages the reader to consider the ideas presented by someone who does not exalt himself but eloquently relates what he has experienced and learned.

We need positive thoughts and affirmations in this life. There are many good people in the world, and they can use support and encouragement from every source to fulfill their potential. Mr. Best’s ability through his writing to help readers reach that stage of perception is a great gift to all those who open their minds and hearts to receiving it!

— Roberta Lee Tennant, M.A.,
Editor-in-Chief, Falcon Books

I AM CHANGE is a story of change and its influence on our journey through life. David tells this story through events in his life. He also uses his original poems, prose, and songs to help illustrate what he sees as the transformational power of Change. Through the lens of his Spiritual eyes, David shares powerful insight to help you see life’s circumstances from a different perspective. A perspective that says that Love is orchestrating it all, and that All, every change without exception, leads you to growth, transformation and becoming who you truly are.

Author, David A. Best

The author and his daughter, Valerie



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