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We supply all the services needed to take your work from manuscript to a quality Book-in-Print! We have helped hundreds of authors become independent publishers. Choose from our menu of services including editing, typesetting, cover design, printing, and marketing consultation.

Fiction ..Non-fiction ..Genealogies
Short Stories
..Poetry ..Inspirational
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.. The Red Kitchen by Kathleen R. Harris..I AM Change by David A. Best..Toadshade and Jack by Lawrence E. Allen..

..In Mt. Diablo's Shadow Compiled  by Kati Short....Pro Se On My Own by Erlinda Dominguez..This is the Captain Speaking by Thomas James Tucker

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When it comes to service:
"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary

is that little extra."

As Self-Publishing Specialists, we at Falcon Books do not publish books. Our clients, the Authors, are the actual publishers of their work. We provide a menu of services to Author-Publishers.

We produce books-in-print for various fees. We retain no rights to the books and do not receive any funds for
books sold on Amazon.com, Kindle, or any other type of bookstore, whether Internet or physical.

Our services include editing, typesetting, cover design, bar code generation and testing, and printing.

We are not attorneys and therefore can give no legal advice about any aspect of writing or publishing books. If an Author has such concerns about the legal ramifications of his or her books, it is recommended that an attorney be consulted.

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